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Support Native Womxn Founders

In this Native American Heritage Month (and every month after) lets join forces and support Native founders!

Beautiful and colorful pieces by Native founders.

Since 1990, November is Native American Heritage Month in the US. After reading Wilma Mankiller’s A Chief and Her People, I had the opportunity to learn about the American Indian civil rights struggle, and not just pertaining to the Cherokees, but how much all Indigenous peoples of the US have had to endure.

This month (and every month for that matter) we should lift up Native American female founders.

More beautiful pieces by Native founders.

As with Black womxn and Latinx womxn, Native American founders face extra obstacles when starting out their own businesses. These hurdles coupled with the devastating effects the pandemic has had on Indigenous peoples (and the fact that Native founders didn’t get PPP loans), Native American female founders have had to grapple with the brunt of COVID.

**(In terms of equal pay, Native American women make only 60 cents for every dollar the average white man makes.)

Here are a few founders to check out, celebrate and support:


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