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Taylor Morrison

Taylor Morrison is the founder of Inner Workout.

Taylor Morrison is the talented founder of Inner Workout, a platform dedicated to changing the way people practice self care. She also is a true multi-hyphenate, she hosts an insightful podcast called Be School, runs the day to day of Inner Workout and has her own consulting company called Jubilant.

Taylor graduated from Vanderbilt University with a double major in Human and Organizational Development and Spanish. Her experience working for a Fortune 100 company and as the first full-time employee for a health and wellness startup helped her quickly establish Inner Workout (the startup is only a little more than a year old -- Taylor founded Inner Workout in April of 2019).

Taylor in her element (photos by Nastasia Mora featured in

Inner Workout empowers people to build the skill of self-care, a skill that is vital in today’s age of information overload, stress and burnout. (And it is such an important skill to develop, particularly today when self care is often conflated with consumption.)

We had the honor of asking some questions to Taylor about her journey as a female founder:

What inspired you to start Inner Workout and delve into the wellness world in 2019?

Inner Workout was kind of the natural progression of the inner work I’d been doing for a couple of years. I started getting intentional about self-care because of my own experiences with burnout. Through conversations, I saw that a lot of other women were having similar struggles. I built Inner Workout to help people practice self-care in transformational ways.

How did working on a startup help you (or not) when starting Inner Workout?

My startup experience was super helpful. I’ve always been a scrappy person, and working at a startup showed me how to apply that mindset in a business setting. Honestly, all of my work experiences taught me something that I use today. I apply skill sets that I picked up from corporate, startup, small business, and even from my internships.

What were some of the first hurdles you encountered when starting Inner Workout?

My first hurdles were really mindset hurdles. Building things comes relatively easy to me, but sharing them is where I struggle. There’s both a fear of failure and a fear of success that I encountered. I had to tune into my why. If I believed in the mission of Inner Workout, then I had to be brave enough to share it.

How would you like Inner Workout to evolve?

I don’t need Inner Workout to become a huge company, but I do need it to have a huge impact. I’m looking forward to growing our facilitator network, to introducing new online class series, and to having more in-person experiences in the future.


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