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Christiane Gross
Aug 25, 2020
In Nominate a Female Founder
I would like to nominate Alba Padro and Maria Berruezo from LactApp. Breastfeeding looks and sounds easy and natural, but there can be many challenges that can lead us to quit early, even if we intended to breastfeed for longer, because we know about the positive health benefits to us and our children. So Maria and Alba have created a mobile app that answers all questions related to breastfeeding and maternity to reach the breastfeeding goal you desire. Maria called for Alba after a traumatic car accident, as she asked for expert help to save her breastfeeding journey during weeks of hospitalization. After recovering, Maria had the vision that every mother should have an expert breastfeeding consultant friend like Alba in her mobile phone and the two started to work on "downloading" Alba's brain into a personalizable app by creating decision trees and personalised answers. More on Instagram in English @breastfeeding_app and in Spanish @lactapp_lactancia.
Answering 90,000 maternity questions each week content media

Christiane Gross

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