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Lauren Gregory
Aug 24, 2020
In Nominate a Female Founder
I started my journey towards better health & wellness a few years ago after my father passed from cancer. I realized menstrual and vaginal health is a major part of this journey. After years of requiring pain meds to get through my periods, I finally decided I wanted to use cleaner, natural solutions and I wanted to feel good during my period. I created this formula simply because I care about what goes in and on my body. I created this formula, because I care about all women's bodies! We're worth better and HER POPPY represents that. I hope women feel as amazing and empowered as I do when using it! I also hope to inspire any person at a place in their life where they're afraid to pivot to take the first step. You have a vision for a reason and if you don't take the steps toward bringing that vision to life, that will keep you up at night.
Lauren Gregory of Her Poppy content media

Lauren Gregory

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